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About Our Process

Frequently Asked Questions


Typical 6 Step Process

  1. Consultation
    Meet with a Timberline Cabinetry designer at your home or business. Our designer will listen to all your wants and needs and budget concerns for your new kitchen and or bathroom, so we can incorporate your desires within your new space.


  2. Measure & Assess
    Your designer will measure and take pictures, look at any structural, plumbing, electrical needs that will affect the design and budget.


  3. Present & Review
    Presentation. You will meet with your designer again back at your residence or business and go over the drawings and budget. 


  4. Revise & Finalize
    After or during step 3 if there are any additional design ideas they will be explored, in order to create your detailed specifications binder and final contract.


  5. Starting Payment & Construction
    After the contract is signed a payment on the project is collected. (in most cases 2/3 rds the total cost of the project upfront) we will then begin the scheduling of the project outline of construction and installation.


  6. Installation
    The fun begins! We will be in contact throughout the entire project. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of material do you make your cabinets out of?

I fabricate all of my cabinet interior boxes out of pre-finished birch or maple plywood. I do not use any melamine or press board in any of my products unless otherwise requested. If I’m building custom furniture such as an entertainment center than my material that I use is the same on the interior as it is on the exterior.

What do you typically make your drawer boxes or rollouts out of ?

I typically fabricate my drawers and rollouts out of  ½” pre-finished birch or maple plywood. The construction features that I use are a butt joint with a ¼” dado bottom, however that is the standard I do have customers request a dovetail joint on the drawer box or rollout. I must say that I have done several remodels on fire station kitchens and use the butt joint type construction. I have yet to replace any; and let me tell you that is the ultimate test.

What type of hardware do you use?

I use only Blum hinges and drawer guides. The Blum self closing hinge is a concealed, fully adjustable hinge and has a full guarantee on them. The drawer guides that I use are Blumotion self closing guide these are high end drawer guides. I tend to stick with hardware that I have used time and time again with great success.

What type of finish do I get on my cabinets ?

You have several options, but once again I have had great success with what the industry calls a two part conversion varnish. This product can be used as a clear sealant over a stained product or can be mixed in a solid color as well. This product holds up very well. I typically use it in a high traffic area such as kitchens and bathrooms. Once again I use these on fire station remodels and have had great success as well.

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